Strategic Process Monitoring and Prediction

Process Control and Monitoring
Monitoring a complex and strategic production process interacting with different smart sensors and devices, can smoothly help detect and predict variables that improve costs and delivery.

Inventory Monitoring
Highly precise distance sensors combined with sophisticated mathematical models can easily help in keeping a live inventory of different goods in industries such as mining and agriculture.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Not just measuring, R:Sensor can receive and send information and commands, to and from different devices, over protocols and standards from TCP/IP to MQTT or Zigbee.

Advantages of Our Platform

  • Web and Android Devices

    You can monitor your processes from your favorite browser or an android device.
  • SaaS Service

    No need to install applications in your infrastructure. Our cloud platform handles everything.
  • Integrate your Systems

    We can provide data streaming to and from your systems.
  • Security

    We use the highest standards in computer security. Your data will always be safe.

Some Examples

  • Hydroelectric power generation monitoring and control

    R:Sensor is a key technological component for monitoring and remote control of a modern rural hydroelectric technology, providing reliable control and monitoring. See more
  • Live mining supplies stock monitoring

    Mining supplies, such as grinding media, is difficult to measure, but R:Sensor, combined with distance sensors, can accurately measure stock in a bin.
  • Bridge support and infrastructure monitoring

    Highly sophisticated structure and vibration sensors from WSN Chile interact with R:Sensor to predict and react to anomalies in the day-to-day performance of highway and railroad bridges. See more
  • Irrigation channels monitoring

    Remotely installed water level sensors (distance sensors) send frequent level measurements to R:Sensor, allowing the timely detection and alert of overflows and special conditions.
  • Corn drying process and adaptative humidity prediction

    R:Sensor is used to monitor and predict the humidity of corn during the drying process, providing a cost effective and risk-free method to work with heating modules. Read more
  • Wine inventory tracking and leak detection

    With level sensors installed in each wine deposit, R:Sensor can monitor wine levels in real time, recognizing and alerting possible leaks, but understaind the natural chemical processes. Read more
  • Salmon activity and food optimization

    Specially adapted underwater motion sensors allow R:Sensor to understand salmon activity in cages and allow the optimization of food delivery.

Devices and Sensors

Reliable and powerful technology partners who manage the best sensors and smart devices your operation may need.

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